It’s a dreary grey day here in the metro Detroit area. Winter has finally arrived and its cold & dreary. It’s the kind of day one would love to snuggle into their sofa with a good movie or book.

I think it’s a good day to sell a house.

How about a crash course in the basics? In the spirit of high-tech marketing and cyber advertising, basics are often overlooked. Here are a few things that I highly recommend that all sellers use on cold, grey days like today.

Yes, these tips will work even on a sunny day. However, when the weather is not so
nice, these tips will keep people in your home longer and evoke a very comforting feeling.

1) If you can, bake something. I tell my customers to go purchase a frozen apple pie, sprinkle extra cinnamon on the top and bake on a low heat all day. The aroma will linger all day. However, the pie will turn to mush.

2) Leave your lights on and light some candles, soft ambient light is quite soothing.

3) Play some very soft music. White noise can be comforting.

4) Lastly, if it’s cool enough, light a fire.

All these things will create a warm cozy atmosphere. Subconsciously it will welcome and comfort people. These things are so basic and obvious. However, we sometimes forget to do the basics. It sounds silly, but it has worked for me in the past.

Happy Selling to us all!