Technorati worthIt’s true. Technorati has told me so. For those of you (ok us) out there that have no idea what Technorati is, it’s a website/tool that helps index blogs on the different search engines out there. Well, that’s what I think it is. All I know is that those who are “in the know” about all that “bloggy” stuff seem to like it. As you can see, I’m still learning… and its painful, very painful. Thank heavens I’m a MUCH better Realtor than writer or “techie”.

My pal Maureen Francis is one of those “in the know” types. She’s absolutely brilliant and her blog is wonderful. Not to mention, Technorati says it’s worth a ton of dough. Good for you Maureen.

Apparently a blog is worth more money when there are more back links and content. Again, I think.

I’m taking my “worthlessness” in stride. is new, and let’s face it; I’m still one of the only other agents in my market that even has a blog.

So as an incentive to you all out there in cyber land, come back and visit this blog on occasion to see if my worth has risen. There is a Technorati “worth tracker” in the right lower corner of the main page of the blog. Check it out… I’m worthless.